1:48th (Quarter) Furniture Kits

Our furniure kits are designed so that they can be successfully built in an evening or weekend. The wood used is high quality hardwood with all pieces laser cut to size. A detailed illustrated parts list makes it easy to determine which piece you need for each step. The kits include a list of helpful hints and tips for building better furniture, as well as tips for upholstery and bedding.   The clear instructions ensure a complete beginner will have a successful building experience.

We currently carry four styles of furniture Country, Modern, Traditional, and Victorian

When designing our furniture we try to focus on certain key details. 

  1. We wanted to add dimension giving the pieces a more 3 dimensional look.  We did this by adding drawer fronts and panels. 
  2. Breakage:  The designs in the Victorian furniture are etched in rather than cut through.  Giving the piece more stability.  We also took the grain of the wood into consideration.
  3. Directions: All the directions are written with step by step instructions and diagrams. They also include instructions for upholstery and bedding, as well as additional finishing techniques.
  4. We also add mini beads for knobs.