Complete Kit 1:144th Inch Scale Half Cape Beach Cottage

  • Manufactured by: Hart's Desire Minis

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This Half Cape Beach Cottage was designed from one of the three styles of Cape Cods.  The half cape has two windows on side of the door with clapboarding on the front and cedar shakes on the sides.  This cottage is a four room house and includes the fireplace.

The kit includes all materials needed to completely finish the interior and exterior of the house.

The structural pieces are laser cut out of maple hardwood.  The kit includes the base, two floors that are etched to resemble hardwood flooring, 2 interior walls. The exterior materials include precut siding, cedar shakes, shingle, chimney, and corner trims. The interior materials include wallpaper, baseboards, cove molding, and trims for the edges of the walls and floors. Also included are all laser cut parts for doors, window casings, window frames, shutters, and window boxes. Landscaping materials include grass, sand, gravel, bushes, foliage for window boxes, and 2 bags of flowers; one with mixed flowers for window boxes, one color for bushes. The step by step instructions are detailed with diagrams and pictures.

Finished house measures –3 ¼”wide x 2 ½” deep x 2” high

It is important to note that our house kits include everything you will need to complete the house as shown except the paint, tools, and glue.