Complete Kit Quarter Inch Scale Tudor Style House

  • Manufactured by: Hart's Desire Minis

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The Tudor Style house features 4 bay windows, a small dormer window, and side bump out.  It also comes with paneled walls for the first floor living room.    The interior is designed for 7 rooms: kitchen/hall, dining room, living room, bedroom, child’s room, nursey, bath or office.

This kit includes all materials needed to completely finish the interior and exterior of the house.

The structural pieces are laser cut out of 1/8” birch plywood.  The kit includes the base, three floors that are etched to resemble hardwood flooring, the exterior walls are grooved were the floors slide in and the corners of walls and roof pieces are tabbed and notched for easy assembly and 3 interior walls. The exterior materials include stucco paper, shingle, gingerbread trims, precut wall trims, and etched brick wall with interlocking corners. The interior materials include wallpaper, paneling materials, baseboards, cove molding, and trims for the edges of the walls and floors. Also included are all laser cut parts for doors, window casings, window frames, Plexiglas, and window boxes. Landscaping materials include grass, bushes, foliage for window boxes and vines, and 2 bags of flowers; one mixed flowers for window boxes, one color for bushes and vines. Last but not least each ¼” house kit comes with a piece of felt for the bottom of the base in order to avoid scratching the service it is displayed on. The step by step instructions are detailed with diagrams and pictures.

Finished house measures – 12”wide x 8” deep x 9” high

It is important to note that our house kits include everything you will need to complete the house as shown except the paint, tools, and glue.